Friday, November 21, 2008


I guess it has been a while since my last post. A lot has happened too. I took Whitnee to Shriner's in October for a check up on her feet from surgery in September. They removed her casts and everything looked great. I then talked with them about some concerns I had about her hips. Anyways long story short, yes she does have major hip problems. And at the appointment I was informed that there was nothing that could be done other then positioning her better. So we are in the process of getting a better manual wheelchair to help in that situation.

I left Shriner's rather upset and frustrated. Isn't that what Shriner's hospital is there for to help children like Whitnee with problems like this. To me "there is nothing we can do" is a very poor answer and I was not about to accept it.

So I contacted Whitnee's specialist and told her the situation, she referred me to a rehab specialist at Primary Children's Hospital where the specialist agreed with me, we can do something. So she put Whitnee in a knee immobilizer, and gave me some exercises to do with her. I then asked about Pool Therapy, which she said Whitnee would benifit a great deal from and sent me to another PT for an evaluation.

So Whitnee starts pool therapy on December 4th. I am so excited, I have been looking for pool therapy for 2 years now and about feel over when the specialist told me where to go. The therapist is also looking into foundations to see if we can get some assistance in purchasing an enclosed hot tub so she can continue her therapy at home.

Whitnee is doing great with the knee immobilizer and the stretching. Her PT who comes to the house is putting together a exercise program for her that we will start after Thanksgiving.

Halloween was so nice, we were able to go trick or treating as a family this year it was so warm for the trunk or treat and only a little rain on Halloween but no the less it was great! I will post pictures when Nate gets back from his trip to Moab (4 wheeling).

Whitnee came down with a cold on Tuesday of this week and managed to kick it rather fast. She is still coughing but not in bed and running a high fever anymore. The nice thing out of the cold was we needed to transport her to the Dr. So Home health dropped off portable oxygen tanks for us. So the next time I have to take her to the hospital when she is sick I might be able to do it with out and ambulance.

Report cards came home today!!!! I am so PROUD of my children they work so hard to keep there grades up. Good work Kortnee and Nic. Kortnee managed to make student council this year and is working really hard with that and all her school work. She is so amazing and smart.
And Nic was just excited to finally bring home a report card that we all understood. Letter grades not the stupid ones they get from kindergarten to 2nd grade. They are both in school choir this year too and it is so fun to hear them sing there songs around the home and get excited to go each week (Nic more then Kortnee-she was in it last year so the excitement is not like it was last year).

Well other then that, I am sorry there aren't any pictures this time but I will post them when Nate gets back.

Thanks for all your prayers and support. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!