Friday, March 30, 2007

Welcome Home!!!!!!

YEAAAHHHH Whitnee's home. After a long stay at the hospital Whitnee was able to come home on Wednesday. She still had an "IV" to administer some antibiotics, but it was taken out last night around 6:30pm. So now she is sitting on the couch and laughing at her brother and sister. Even Daisy (the dog) noticed her being gone so long, she wouldn't leave the bedside all night until I rousted her out.

What's Next?
Well we will be feeding her through her "Gtube" for the next 6 weeks at least and possibly longer, only because she did not pass her swallow test at the hospital. The doctor said that she will likely recover fully, however the "G-tube" will always be a way to assist her staying healthy. As for the rest of us we are trying to get used to the routine. Anna, should get an honorary nursing degree after all of this.

As for now we are all doing much better especially not having to consider the hospital a second home. Still many things to come and learn over the next few weeks, but couldn't be happier now that she is home. I have had a few people ask about visiting and what they can do to help. Visiting is great, we just ask that you make sure you are healthy before you come. As for what we need, well we aren't really sure yet... We are still waiting for word back concerning her wheelchair session. As for now Just coming out and visiting is great.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Successful Surgery & HOME STRETCH!

Tuesday's Surgery went really good. WHitnee now has a second belly button and loves to tell us about it. She was able to recover pretty quick from the re-intibation (due to surgery) and is now just a little sore from the procedure, but overall really doing well. Here is a picture of her with Dad (first time I got to hold her since this ordeal started).
It seems that we are in the "home stretch". Doctors are now pushing her off of the bi-pap machine for longer periods of time. The only time she will need to be on it is when she sleeps and when she is sick. Today we are hoping she can do 9 hrs independant of the bi-pap but we will see. What does all of this mean? Well, we think that she may be able to come home either Tuesday or Wednesday.
I want to thank everyone again for the calls, emails, and prayers of support. It has really helped to know that we have good family and freinds to help us.