Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good Times

When I was little my parents took a picture of my BIG brother watching t.v while I was combing and putting berets in his hair. Well this was a classic. Kortnee needed to comb out the wig and needed a place to put it so she could comb it better.
Her little bro just happened to be sitting right next to her. I love his expression I think it says it all.

Our Baby Turns 4

We celebrated another birthday with our sweet Whitnee, every birthday we get to spend with her is a true blessing and a miracle especially after the summer we had this year. We hope and pray for many many more!


Here we are singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her
and she is giggling with her head down.

What a sweet face- YEAH I'M 4

The most wanted gift of course
A Barbie Movie

She adores Tinker Bell

Opening more Tinker Bell Stuff from Nana

She loves her Tinker Bell bracelet from Nana

Here she is opening books from Grandpa and Grandma Judy.

She had a great birthday, thanks for all the birthday wishes!

A Witches Night Out

For those of you who know me know that I do not like to draw ANY attention to myself, I am fine to be in the crowd and or in the back. So this was a very hard and a new experience for me. A night out with my friends at Gardner Village at there Witches Night Out.

Thanks to Angela she had the perfect Costume to borrow!

This is Sheri and I
(you owe me one :))

All of us,
Sheri, Me, Angela and Amy (I think)