Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We were such slackers this year, we just could not find the time to get our pictures taken do to colds and busy schedules. We finally found an afternoon where we were able to get the kids picture taken. Family ones will have to wait till spring I guess. Great job hon I think they turned out Great!
Kortnee, Nic and Whitnee

Kort, Nic and Whit

Kortnee (11)

Nic (8)

Whitnee (3)

Fox 13 Cool School's

Our Elementary School was selected for Cool Schools with Fox 13. It was a lot of fun for the kids.
K and N were in two segments that they broad casted. School Choir and Speed Stacking. (I will apologize now for the picture quality I forgot the camera so my camera phone had to do).

K and N with Big Budah

N Speed Stacking

K Speed Stacking

Live Interview with Choir Teacher.
The kids had a blast and could hardly wait to get home to watch it.