Friday, October 3, 2008

Surgery Pictures!

Okay, I finally found time to update the blog! Here are the pictures I promised. Here Nate is trying to keep Whitnee intertained before surgery. They just gave her some sleepy meds so we were waiting for them to kick in.

This is the hardest walk-on our way to surgery
the medicine kicked in and a fun wagon ride to surgery
not sure she remembers this.
Whitnee after surgery TRYING to sleep.
not possible in a hospital!

Whitnee's purple casts, she picked out!

She is doing really well, we got 10 min in the stander today, slowly we will get up to an hour!

SMA Awareness Night With Real Soccer!

Nat was able to get us tickets to a soccer game against the Chivas US Team. Nate and the Kids had a blast even though Real Lost. Whitnee and I were unable to attend due to Whitnee's surgery the day before. Here are a few pictures from the game.

Thanks again Nat, we had a lot of fun!!!

Dinner With Nat Borchers Real Soccer!!

We got an e-mail back in August from Abby Smart (Whitnee's Nurse at Primary Children's) inviting us to a dinner being put on by the Real Soccer Team. Nat Borchers a Defender for Real Soccer has a God Son who was in town and he wanted to have dinner to help with getting the word out about SMA. It was a wonderful dinner and lots of fun.

Here is Whitnee eating with Seth and ???(sorry I am drawing a blank)
all 3 of them have type II-It was very interesting to see
how differently it affects each child. Both Boys are stronger
then Whitnee. Neither one are on machines.

Here is Nate, Kortnee, Nic, Whitnee & Nat

Here are all the kids who were able to attend.
Nat was so kind he had a big bag of Real Soccer
stuff for each kid. (Kortnee and Nic thought that
was the coolest thing ever. Then even got his

Thanks Nat for a great night out, we all had fun! We look forward to many more events!

4th of the 4th

Dang it I got Tagged! Okay her it goes.

Step 1: Go to your picture file.
Step 2: Open the 4th file.
Step 3: Now Open the 4th picture and post it!
Step 4: Tag 4 people to do the same ;)

This is Daisy our dog! Isn't she pretty! I think this is when we first got her 5 years ago WOW!!!
I can 't believe how skinny she is.
Okay I tag, Taci, Lecia, Jody R. & Jesse! (Lets see how many people actually read my blog)!