Friday, October 3, 2008

Surgery Pictures!

Okay, I finally found time to update the blog! Here are the pictures I promised. Here Nate is trying to keep Whitnee intertained before surgery. They just gave her some sleepy meds so we were waiting for them to kick in.

This is the hardest walk-on our way to surgery
the medicine kicked in and a fun wagon ride to surgery
not sure she remembers this.
Whitnee after surgery TRYING to sleep.
not possible in a hospital!

Whitnee's purple casts, she picked out!

She is doing really well, we got 10 min in the stander today, slowly we will get up to an hour!


Tanalyn said...

I'm glad that everything went well! I love the purple casts!!!Dakota enjoyed looking at the pictures and seeing someone else who gets to wear those COOL casts!

Dan & Brooke said...

Just found your blog and am glad I can check up on the family. Glad that things went well with the surgery. Dan

The Poppleton Clan said...

I swear she is getting bigger by the second!! Glad to hear everything went well. Hugs :)