Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wow, this year has flown by, I have been awful at posting on our blog this year.
We have had a busy, fun and healthy year. As it comes to a close I thought I should sit down and update our blog.

(I must confess up front, I was horrible taking pictures this year, we did go on a few trips, one to Idaho and the other to our Cabin. I know we took pictures but I can't find ANY of them, I need to check Nate's computer to see if they are there)

Our summer and fall were busy with FOOTBALL. 
Nic started his first year with the Thunder Football being in 5th grade we thought it would be a good experience for him. He was old enough to understand the positions, the game and the rules. He got the BEST Coach out of the three 5th grade teams.
With Conditioning every night for a month and then practice 5 nights a week till school started then it dropped to 3 nights a week, we were busy. He started out as the left lineman where he learned how to hit, block, etc... He really liked his position until one game, things did not go so well with our Center and the Quarterback. Nate asked Nic to hick him the ball after the game just to see how he did. And to his fathers amazement Nic had his fathers talent! 
Nic approached his Coach and asked to try the Center position. Both the Quarterback and Coach were amazed at how well Nic did in snapping the ball.
From that moment on Nic was the NEW Center.
Then ended up going all the way to the Championship game and winning 2nd place in the league!!!!
What an awesome season.
(we have been approached by a few coaches about recruiting Nic for next year as the Center too).

Pictures will follow.

This is Whitnee's first day of school 2010

She was so ready for school to start this year!
She attends Achiever Preschool by Skype and loves every minute of it

Kortnee and I got to attend a Bridal Shower of one of our dear friends, our evening started out at PF Changs for dinner

We then went to a Black Tie event that Dillards was putting on. 
We got our make up and hair done and then had the chance to go watch 
some Dancers from Dancing with the Stars perform.

Kortnee getting her make up done

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!!

Me getting my make up done.
It was a very fun night out with the girls!
I loved spending time with Kort!

We made yet another trip to Shriner's this year, I am really bad at getting Whitnee's Wheelchairs looked at so I FINALLY got Walle in after 3 years.
um they are supposed to be looked at every 6 months. But who's counting right.

Here are the girls waiting for Walle to show up!
(I can't find the one of Nic)

Whitnee turned 5!!!!

She actually blew the candles out by her self!!!

Opening presents
(the license plate there on her table is 
Tinkerbell saying
"Catch You LATER"
it is attached to the back of her Wheelchair 
VERY appropriate for Whitnee)

Halloween was fun this year

Kortnee and Nic cleaning out their Pumpkins

Whitnee cleaning out her's

This year I bought books with patterns
oh it was FUN!!!!




A few things I worked on this year in my home

I painted and decorated my Bedroom

and my Bathroom!
I love how they turned out!

Nate stayed busy with work, 4 wheeling trips, etc.

Wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS

(I hope to be better at taking pictures and blogging next year)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School 2010

It is hard to believe that School has officially started.
The silence was short lived, due to Nate waking up the 4 year old this
morning but oh well.

Here are their First Day of School pictures.

Kortnee 8th grade
(sigh I am not old enough to have an 
8th grader am I )

Nic 5th grade
(I remember his first day of Kindergarten

Both excited to head out the door!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Mountain is on fire

One of my favorite things about summer is Thunderstorms, we had one roll through today with a lot of lightening.  This was the outcome of that wonderful storm.



helicopter landing just up the hill from us

helicopter dumping water on the fire.

Summer Pictures

Here are pictures from our summer break!

Whitnee got her casts off!!!

finally after 3 months!

We finally got to see her feet!
(sorry it is so yucky)

(I can move my feet now!)

Kortnee Turned 13

favorite book
Hugo Cabre

I love that smile!

4th of July


Whitnee's favorite thing to do
4wheel with daddy!

I found her splashing in puddles 
one afternoon.
Lots of giggles!

Nic started football!!!

conditioning camp

Conditioning camp

football tryouts-yep dad is helping out!

Nic hitting his dad

Nic's cheering squad!

(just a few of my deals)

paid $2.81 saved $53.67
98% savings!

paid $6.54 saved $31.12
84% savings!

We did manage to make it to Idaho (very FAST trip) and to the cabin this year and Kort got to go to Stake Girls Camp.
Pictures to follow.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Topaz Mountain

Since I am "johnny on the spot" I now finally posting pictures of our day trip to Topaz Mountain
We went about 2 months ago on a nice warm sunny day. (yes there was one in April).
It was about 1 1\2 hours south west of our home in the middle of  NO WHERE!!
It was so pretty!
and so quiet
and you could see for miles.
Nate and the kids digging for Topaz.
 dumping water on the dirt and digging.
Nic trying to find some Topaz
Kortnee trying to find some too.
Success!!! can you see the Topaz stone...
Whitnee watching and holding on to Gidget.
Second find of the day. A little LIZARD.
For those of you who don't know Whit. She is TERRIFIED of anything that crawls and flies. I think mostly because she can't move away from them on her own and because she can't swat things away.
BUT here she actually asked to TOUCH the LIZARD.  I think because DADDY was holding it tight.
 Now every trip has a little excitement right!
well, as we were trying to find the right spot to dig, we were driving around a HUGE water hole and out of NO WHERE a JEEP came flying by right through the water and this was the out come.
It was a good thing we were in the VAN as a FAMILY or I think my husband would have gone after them with out ANY hesitation.  It was a good teaching moment though about being considerate to others no matter what.  Although I did wish that they would end up on the side of the road with an empty tank of gas 
and 3 flat tires, but that did not happen. DANG IT!!! Carma will come around right.

We had a great time and are trying to decide where to go next.
Here's a good start to our STAYCATIONS this year!