Friday, October 3, 2008

Dinner With Nat Borchers Real Soccer!!

We got an e-mail back in August from Abby Smart (Whitnee's Nurse at Primary Children's) inviting us to a dinner being put on by the Real Soccer Team. Nat Borchers a Defender for Real Soccer has a God Son who was in town and he wanted to have dinner to help with getting the word out about SMA. It was a wonderful dinner and lots of fun.

Here is Whitnee eating with Seth and ???(sorry I am drawing a blank)
all 3 of them have type II-It was very interesting to see
how differently it affects each child. Both Boys are stronger
then Whitnee. Neither one are on machines.

Here is Nate, Kortnee, Nic, Whitnee & Nat

Here are all the kids who were able to attend.
Nat was so kind he had a big bag of Real Soccer
stuff for each kid. (Kortnee and Nic thought that
was the coolest thing ever. Then even got his

Thanks Nat for a great night out, we all had fun! We look forward to many more events!

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