Monday, November 5, 2007

Just a quick update. All is well here, Whitnee had her testing done at Primary Childrens on Friday and to our surprise she did really well. Her Physical Therapy test went a lot better then expected. She actually rolled from her back to her left side for the first time in her life with little help!!! And yes they did get it on film!

Her testing with Dr. Swoboda went really well also, showing her strength had doubled since May! Proof that good nutrition is very important! They also started her on a new Medicine that we are hoping will help her gain more strength.

And to top off the great news at our house Whitnee was approved for the RSV shot today! (Insurances usually do not approve children 2 and older for this shot.) We are being blessed and defiantly being watched over! She was also approved for her Power Chair and her stander and we should see them by the end of the month.

But the battle continues for her car seat and bath chair! Dang Insurance.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures and the update!!
your family is so cute!! Cortnee was the perfect Diva...
Whitnee was a darling pumpkin.. Nic was an awesome spiderman too..
I'm glad you are doing well. know we are thinking of you and you are in our prayers. we need to meet for lunch soon....
love, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Great News about Whitnee. The kids are getting so big and just as cute as ever. Take care and keep posting I check all the time. Love your sister in Idaho