Friday, January 18, 2008

Well, now that the Holiday Season has come and gone we are back to some what of a routine, with Kortnee and Nic back in school I have gotten back into my routine with Whitnee. She is doing amazing. In December she was able to get her Stander and Powerchair. Here she is thinking about driving it. She has actually become quite the pro at driving it. She is now trying to master backing up and turning. It is really neat to see. It kind of surprises me a 2 year old can figure it out and do so well. She has had 3 RSV shots this season and is doing really well in staying healthy, she had 1 cold over Christmas but kicked it rather fast. Dr. Swoboda has put her on a medication called Valproic Acid. And to be honest we don't quite know what it is supposed to do (other then it being a seizure medication which she does not have) but Whitnee has gotten stronger in using this drug. She can now sit for 30 sec or so on her own. She can lift her arms above her head while laying down and lift her legs high too. (which she has never been able to do before in her life) Her head control has gotten stronger and she is actually using her arms more and lifting them higher. We also think that the medicine helped with the cold she had.

Nothing else is really new around here, just sitting and enduring the awful winter months. Kortnee and Nic are doing great in keeping their hands clean and staying healthy. And I think they are enjoying school. There are not to many kids in our neighborhood their age so they are really board right now. Spring can not come fast enough so we can get out and play some soccer.

Nate is going stir crazy right now too, I think he needs a good 4 wheeling trip and soon, so anyone up for it just let him know. I myself have started doing yoga and am actually enjoying it, along with finishing Whitnee's princess room. I am now getting ready to try some new home decor techniques in my home. I figure I have a couple more months of being cooped up I might as well, try to do some things around here (even if it takes twice as long with out the kids being here to help out with Whitnee). It is my way of venting and I love it.


Tiffany said...

Anna, Whittnee is so beautiful... Thanks for the update. I'm glad progress is happening. You're a strong woman... that's all there is to it!

Danen said...


I am in for a good 4-wheeling trip. If the snow will melt down a little. Give me a call anytime.

-Danen Lott
801 870-1644