Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I am sorry no pictures again. We actually spent most of last week up in Idaho at Grandpa's house. The Viewing and Funeral were wonderful I think Grandma looked great and the Funeral could not have been more perfect (except for the weather). Even the kids letting balloons go at the cemetery was something that Lana would have loved.

Whitnee did surprisingly well as we drove up there, I only had to stop twice, once to buy a portable DVD player (I swore I would never own one for the car, I feel that kids need to use there imaginations like I had to while growing up, But I think Whitnee is an exception to that for now. Although the DS is a must in the car also) and the second for a diaper change. I was really surprised at how well she slept up there too. We did have one night that her Sat's dropped below 88 but I think it was just allergies, so we sat up doing cough assist and suction for a while (as she begged to watch The Bee Movie at 4:00 a.m. which mom and dad said no) we finally got her Sat's up and she did great the rest of the morning. Driving home was interesting, we had a Stoddard/Ward moment where we had to stop to try and do suction and cough assist to help her move things around and stop her coughing. So we stopped in Blackfoot, which is where Kortnee was born so it is our old stomping grounds. This was the fun part, to say that it was pouring rain is an understatement, as Mom and Jessica stood at the van door trying to block Whitnee from getting wet I did suction. Then I left them to do the cough assist while I ran into Albertsons to buy some allergy medicine. While at the check out Jessica came in saying they could not get the pressure up high enough on the cough assist, so I quickly ran over to the SELF CHECK OUT ( which it really is not it is just a slower lane where everyone thinks they can do it but the machines are too stupid to let you do it, so you still have to wait for a checker to come help, which of course there is only one checker for 4-6 stands :{ ) Anyway, as I scanned the item, it told me it was an invalid item so I HAD to wait for someone to help me now you understand my frustration. So finally he came over to help, well it did the same thing to him, so they had to go check the price because apparently the customer is never right! And then we had to wait for him to enter the price etc....

Finally I was able to get back out side to help out with the cough assist. Come to find out my inverter did not have enough power to handle the cough assist (thank goodness we did not blow the electrical in my van) So I said we better get moving so we can get her to Lecia's for cough assist, which was 2 hours away. As we got back in the van, I looked at everyone, Whitnee was dry (they did a great job) But Mom and Jessica were another story. As we drove down the road my mother would flip her hair just right for me get a nice spray of water all over me and Jessica thought that was quite funny. Two hours later as we got out of the car, we all were pretty much still wet it was so funny. But we made it home in one piece and Whitnee did great.
Don't we just love adventures!

We are now awaiting summer vacation, which is only 3 days away (not sure why they did not just let the kids last day of school be before memorial day weekend) what a waisted week. But oh well. I am hopeful we can get away a couple of times this summer now that we have seen how well Whitnee travels I hope we venture out again and soon.

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The Poppleton Clan said...

Sounds like a bunch of fun, next time you will have to come by for a visit :)