Monday, August 18, 2008

Yet Another Hospital Stay!

Well, I was hoping my next post to be full of fun pictures from this summer that I have not had a chance to post yet. But sorry that is not the case.

Whitnee has had this allergy problem this summer (who hasn't) she can't cough like most of us and we have to use a cough assist machine to help her cough. Well the drainage she has had her pour body could not keep up with. So I continued to help her best I could but her oxygen levels dropped and I could not get them to come back up. So 911 is a number I feel I call way to much. It is pretty sad that when they walk in you know some of them by name, but the only way to transport Whitnee when she is sick is by ambulance so we love them a great deal. And they have been wonderful to drive her directly to Primary Children's rather then to the closest hospital.

So Wednesday we ended up at Primaries with the prognosis respiratory distress, collapsed lower left lung. We feel that is was a mucus plug. She did very well there, barking orders to the nurses and Dr.'s and of course using her manors too. Please and Thank you. (everyone thought that was cute). They never could figure out why she had a low grade fever. So they ran every test possible which traumatized pour Whitnee and really up set her parents. All tests came back normal. So on Saturday they felt that she was in a good spot to send her home they said where mom is so hands on they felt comfortable sending her home. (mom gets really over whelmed when comments like that happen and more stress added) They did not want her sticking around to long so she would not pick up anything there at the hospital-which we are very grateful for.

So I took Whitnee in today to see her Dr. Who looked at me and said as he looked in his ear. How were they treating her ear infection (I was upset about that after all the testing we did up at primaries) The one thing they never checked was her ears. So I am glad we had a follow up today it is nice to know what else we are fighting. He said to keep up the hard work and to check back if her fever does not go away.

We are now home and doing better, still having to do cpt and cough assist every 4 hours and everything else on top of that but it is nice to be home!!! Hopefully she will be able to get over this and we can enjoy what nice weather we have left. We are very hopeful this is not a sign of the seasons to come.

While we were at the hospital we met two other families with SMA type 1. We sure enjoyed talking and getting to know the Riggs family and want them to know they are in our prayers and hope that things continue to go well with their little one.

We have learned that when ever we are feeling sorry for ourselves it takes one hospital stay to realize we have it good, it could be a lot worse, and would not trade for the world!


The Poppleton Clan said...

Glad she seems to be doing better. I sure wish I was closer so I could help out more. Let me know if there is anything I can do :)

April and Dallan said...

I am so sorry you've been in the hospital. Good job being brave! I hope she continues to get better! GOOD LUCK!

Tanalyn said...

holy cow nate! i remember running into you and your fam at the home depot in am. fork a few years ago....are you guys still around this area. i had no idea any of this with your daughter. it just seems crazy to me to see pictures of Shriner's and PMC...i swear at times we feel like we live there. our oldest, dakota, has cerebral palsy and is there quite often. i also noticed her cute little braces, dakota wears them as well. we so need to get our fam's together and let our kids meet and interact. i always say i wish that dakota could be around other children with disabilities more often. he loves little kids and especially girls. you'll have to shoot me an email and i'll give you a call. best of luck!