Monday, December 8, 2008

Pictures From This Summer and Fall!

Whitnee started pool therapy last week and wow it was so exciting. To finally see your child do something for the first time in there life is an amazing experience. It is even more exciting when they recognize it too.
Whitnee lifting her legs out of the water all by herself.
Whitnee kicking her legs and arms (catching the alligator).

Whitnee Swimming :)

Whitnee standing :)

The SMA clinic at Primary Children's Medical Center had an event with the Real Soccer Team. Real is trying to help get the word out about SMA and we sure appreciate their help!
Here are pictures from that event.

Whitnee and Dr. Kathy Swoboda who is Whitnee's Specialist at PCMC. Dr. Kathy is our Angel. I believe Dr. Kathy is one of the reasons Whitnee is still alive today, we love her so much!

Kortnee and Nic playing soccer with one of the Real players.
Nic one on one.

Kortnee and Nic with a few of the players.

Whitnee with a few of the players.

Group shot of everyone.

Whitnee with Aubrey her OT from Kids on the Move. Today was graduation day! She is now in the School District for all her OT and PT help a long with preschool.
Whitnee with Gary her OT/PT
Sad to not have their help any more.

First day of School pictures. Kortnee 6th grade :( I can't believe she is that old. Nic 3rd grade They grow up way to fast!!!

Nic got his tonsils out in August, everything went well, here are just a few pictures of that day.

Before Surgery (notice the smile)

Looks like we had a busy summer and fall. More Pictues to come as I organize my computer and find them all.
Thank to everyone and their support and prayers it really makes a difference.

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cozke said...

I bet Whitnee will love the pool therepy. That is so neat! How often do you take her in for that?

It has been amazing to see your family grow together and just grow up more since Whitnee has come into your lives. She seems to bring out the best in everyone. I love you guys!