Monday, March 23, 2009

Catch Up!

Ok I was told today by a friend that I am doing an awful job at updating my blog. Which I have to agree. I was although glad to know that at least one person is viewing it! I will say this though Face Book has not helped in this matter at all.

Nothing is new at our house which is fantastic news!!! We have just had a long winter cooped up for the last 5 months. Spring can not come fast enough.

Here are a few photos over the last few months, to let you see what has gone on in our lives.
This is the blanket I worked on this winter.
Kort holding her new cousin Justin.
wishing she lived closer so she could babysit.
Isn't she Beautiful!!!

Nic, Kort and Justin

Nic earned his BobCat :)

Nic putting on my Pin.

Hugs all around. We are so proud of you Nic.
Great Job.

Whit at pool therapy.

Whit standing at pool therapy.

Due to pool therapy Whit now stands for 1 hour
in her stander. So we are baking all the
time to help pass the time.
Here she is making cookies

Anyone for a cookie.
(she does not like them they are too sweet)
She a BIG help in the kitchen!

Well that is our life at a quick glance.
We are all doing well and staying healthy.


A.J. Dub. said...

Hey! Great to see some action around here! Who had a baby, a Ward or a Stoddard?

cozke said...

you can send cookies this way anytime! I am so proud of how well Whitnee is doing. Hey- ehat are you doing for Nates B-day! Need help with a bbq or something?