Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I thought I would post what we have been up to in the last 7 weeks of being home. Other then Whitnee catching everything like pink eye, ear infection and now all of kids have sinus infections, we are all doing well. School is in full swing and they are starting to bring home the bugs (the sinus infection) we are really hoping this is not a precursor to the up coming season a head of us. Unless they are getting it all out of their system before it gets to bad, which I can handle.

Nate actually got to take Nic 4 Wheeling this past weekend and they had a blast, Nic got to drive his own 4 wheeler this time and did really well, I do have footage but will have to post it later.

The Squirrel

So I had a gas leak in my car, that was causing a really bad smell of gasoline to travel up inside the car. So Nate dropped the gas tank and this is what almost fell in his face. I am not sure how it got up there since we don't have Squirrels at my house, my guess is that it was from PCMC but who knows. It must have gotten stuck and tried to bite it's way out and drowned. SAD and YUCKY!

Hogle Zoo

This was our "staycation" this year. It was a perfect day, cloudy with a chance of rain, cool and hardly anyone at the zoo! We loved this visit, it was way cool!

The Gorilla,
Nic took this picture of his favorite animal.

The Penguins
Whitnee's favorite animal,
Kort's were the reptiles but those pictures were on her camera. (oops)

Kort and Nic on the Carousel

Mom and Whit
(she threw a fit when it stopped- I on the other hand
was very happy for it to stop)

Mom trying not to PUKE
(I get motion sickness)

The AWESOME Bird Show

A Falcon (I think)

A Fusa from Madagascar, they eat Lemurs and sleep a lot

Our Kiddo's

This is how we shop
I love having a little helper.

Whitnee's Sleep Study

Whitnee getting her sleep study done at PCMC

Here she is getting all the probes put on her head

all finished before bed.

First Day of School

Kortnee 12 yrs

Nic 9 yrs

Man they grow up way to fast! I wish I had a rewind button
sometimes. I am soooo proud of them and love each one of them sooooo much.

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