Thursday, November 12, 2009


Whitnee's Make A Wish arrived late one evening last week.
She was so excited, she kept asking to go swim.

Here they are delivering the Hot Tub, they were trying
to figure out where the controll's were located.

This was our first brief peek at it.

The next morning Nate helped take the packing cover off
so we could actually see it.

It seats 7 people and yes we have already assigned seats
unfortunately most of us are 5 feet and under so we have to share
the seats that sit higher in the water.
Daddy see's this as a bonus, he gets 5 seats LOL

Here is Whitnee siting in her Hot Tub
Can you see the excitement in her face.
We just love it.

She would not let us take her out, she cried and cried
when we had to take her out.

The Electrician came today and she is watching their every move
and keeps asking them when they come in the house if it has water yet.

Here they are starting the process of hooking up the power.

Whitnee's Hot Tub!!

Not sure when they will be coming over to fill it up and deliver
the cover and steps so yes we have another long weekend with a 4 year old
asking about the water.

We are so excited that she got to make her wish and that she is so excited to
get in it. Thank you Make A Wish for this wonderful gift.
More pictures to follow soon.

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Anonymous said...

That is so awesome! I can't wait for her to get to use it! Take lots of pics for us!