Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our Night at the Royal Ball

 A Royal Ball for the most deserving children ever
Hopekids with the help of Cinderella (Linsey Holley) hosted a Royal Ball for children with cancer and life threatening diseases.  It was held at The Castle in Layton, all of Cinderella's friends were there, Belle, Tinker Bell, Aurora, Snow White, Mulan, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Ariel and Tiana.
Each Prince and Princess were dressed in their best formal attire, ball gowns, tiaras, swords and wands. The Ladies in Waiting helped the Princesses with their make-up before they were taken over to get their pictures taken with All the Disney Princesses.
There was a live orchestra, dancing, and a royal jester who keep the kids entertained.
As the King, Queen and Royal Princess was announced, the trumpeters blew their trumpets to let us know they were coming.
As every Prince and Princesses and their Court (their family) were announce to the King, Queen and Royal Princess the trumpets continued to play.
Cinderella called all the Prince's and Princess in front of her and read them a magical story and then each with their Magical Wands chanted "Bibbity, Bobbity, Boo"! and the magical water fountain turned on for them. (you could hear the cute little gasps from all the girls).
As the night ended each Prince and Princess were given Autograph books to have the Disney Princesses sign.
This was truly a magical night for these kiddo's and one I am very grateful we were able to attend.

I wanted to Thank Lindsey Holley and Amy Oldham for all of their hard work and time that went into such an amazing event. It is one we will ALWAYS remember.

Outside The Castle

Both of our Princesses outside the Castle

Entering The Castle

The Beautiful Staircase
(kort disappeared so she did not get hers taken :( )

Ladies in Waiting putting on her make-up

Pucker Up!


Pictures with the Princesses!
Cinderella gave Whitnee a kiss on the cheek when done
and she talked about that the whole night!

Cinderella tell the kids the story.

Ariel and the girls

Kortnee talking with Belle

Whitnee was so facinated with her gloves, she would not take
her eyes off of her hands.

I love how they are looking at her

Their FAVORITE Princess!

The Fairy God Mother
which I believe we ALL have one!

My Mom  (the Queen Mother) and the Fairy God Mother

The Royal Princess

The Queen (some how missed the King)

Dancing, Dancing, Dancing!

It's always funner to dance WITH OUT Walle 
(her wheelchair)

Thanks again for a great night.

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