Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cinderella's Grand Ball

Whitnee had the opportunity to attend 
Cinderella's Grand Ball.
She was soooo excited when I read her the invite. The first thing out of her mouth the morning of the ball was "I get to go to a Princess Party"
HopeKids did an amazing sponsoring this event for all the little Princess who deserve to have one day where they don't have to worry about treatments, therapies, etc.... they can have the spotlight on them and help them celebrate who they really are. PRINCESSES or Princes for that matter 
(yes there were a few of them there too). 

When we walked in the doors, they asked for Whitnee's name
and then announced her as 
Princess Whitnee from the Kingdom of Saratoga Springs
and then everyone applauded her arrival.
(it was really cute)
She was also given a beautiful necklace with her name on it.

We quickly went back outside to ride in the Carriage 
(the line was REALLY short-I don't think anyone really knew it had arrived yet).

 This amazing Carriage pulled up right behind me when we got there.
(Whitnee was more excited about the horses then anything else, she LOVES horses)!

Here we are in the Carriage, she thought it was pretty neat!

Next we were seated for dinner,
(she was so tired, I was not really thinking
when I took her to the pool early that morning for
a few hours-she fatigues really fast).

Our yummy dinner, she even got her OWN plate.
(it was really good)

Yummy cupcakes for dessert!
Whitnee really liked these 
(they were strawberry).

After we ate, Whitnee got to go get her picture taken Professionally
in her Princess attire.
Can't wait to see how they turn out.

While getting her pictures taken they announced the
 then they came out to the courtyard where we were.

Whitnee with Belle, Jazel, and Pocahontas
(these 3 actually came over and found Whitnee rather 
then us finding them).

Whitnee and Tinker Bell
(I love how she watches them) 

Jasmine and Whitnee

Mulan, Whitnee, and Rapunzel

Sleeping Beauty (Arora) and Whitnee
(her favorite, but I think Arora now has
some competition with Rapunzel)

Cinderella, Whitnee, and the Fairy God Mother
(I love how excited she is here)

Whitnee and Cinderella

It was an amazing night! 
Whitnee's clock struck 12 early,
when she started having a melt down waiting for the Princess
class (how to curtsy, etc...) and the dance with the Princesses.
she left with all of their autographs and great memories to tell 
Daddy, Kort and Nic. 

Whitnee sound asleep on the way home.
time 6:30 p.m.
Thank you HopeKids for a wonderful evening!

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