Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Pictures

I thought I would post some of our summer pictures up to this point.
The other day I went out side and could not find our little kittens. I could hear a faint meow but could not find them anywhere. Finally after much looking I came across these little eyes looking up at me after I pulled all the golf club out of the golf bag.
Stuck and I mean STUCK!

Pascal looking up at me.

Oreo, was really in there. ha ha, if you look really close
you can see them both wedged in there. 
Pascal is on the left, Oreo is on the right.

Kort trying to figure out how to get them out,
with lots of shaking the bag upside down, gloves and 
patients she finally freed them.

I found them asleep in the camp chairs. 
The kids are loving their kittens.

Kids at the pool!

loving the pool time.

We have been trying to get Whitnee and ipad to help her with 
her OT, and to have before she has her spinal sugery, so she has something to do in the hospital.
 I was contacted by a friend of mine to see if Whitnee would be interested
in getting her daughters ipad, since they had just received another one.
Whitnee getting her ipad!

opening the box

She was so excited.

trying to play with it.

checking out the games.

Whitnee and Presley

They had so much fun chasing each other around

BFF'S are they not the cutest cuties!

So we try to do at least one cabin trip a year. With Whitnee getting older it is becoming much easier
for us to do so. She communicates so much better now.
This year we went up the 4th of July weekend. With such a wet winter the pass had just barely been opened
up over Baldy Mountain. This is driving past Pass Lake.

I don't EVER remember seeing the lakes frozen over while coming up 
to the cabin. Seeing lots of snow yes, but never a frozen lake.
(I have video of our drive, with all the snow, I just need to figure out how
to post it).

We have also started doing service projects up there, to try and help
my mom with the up keep of the cabin. This trip we redid some of the benches
I think they turned out GREAT!

My dad's famous fire pit!

July has been an interesting one so far, at least the first of it.
We normally don't get Monsoon season or weather till the END of July and the first part of August.

This one was so pretty as it came through

I LOVE thunder storms!!!

Whitnee helping out in the Garden can be hard, 
she can't weed or water 

but she sure can help with the pea pods!

She really liked them too!
So far that has been our summer. I am pretty sure Nate took a lot more 
pictures of the cabin and I will try to post video later.

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