Friday, March 9, 2007

Great Progress

It has been a bit of a ride for the last week. Whitnee has been doing really good. We are in our sixth day in PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) don't be to alarmed, this is common for Whitnee's condition, SMA patients tend to become dependent on the ventilator so she has to be weened from it.
I will try to get all of the events over the last few days into this blog... Monday Whitnee was stabalized but we had to change medications becasue she so irritable. I was told that they had given her enough to knock me out but it didn't seem to have an effect (sniff... I'm so proud... little steamroller :) so they moved her to morphine. With the morphin however her body was a littl to relaxed and didn't provide enough energy to the septic works in her body so she started to bloat and they had to lay off of the morphine. The result of that however was an event of flatulence that would rival her father after eating a full course "Bean Meal".
Tuesday she actually opened her eyes a little and was still really irritable. but made progress with the ventilator (meaning they were able to ween her a little more)
Wednesday Mommy was able to put her hair in pigtails and she then became the talk of the ICU. I think the nurse vote for "If I coould have _____ like Whitnee" her big blue eyes and eyleashes won.
Thursday she was able to wake up and actually interact with mommy, she was able to read some books and watch the disney channel
Friday (today) she woke up smiling and giggling at the stuffed chiuaua. She also got a duck from the Hill's that just about caused her to spit out the ventilator tube from giggling. She also got to see daddy and thought that he would love to see her cool new little finger ring (which is the "pulseoxymeter" sensor. Cool nonetheless)

All in all she is doint really good, she still has some blockage in her upper am dmiddle lobe of her right lung that they are hoping will come out wit continued RT (respriatory therapy).

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