Tuesday, March 13, 2007

2 weeks and still Going Strong

Well we have been doing really good in the ICU lately. This shows Kortnee and Nic visiting their sister for the first time. This last few days has been pretty good. The recovery is coming along.

Whitnee has been able to come completely off of the sedative as of today and is making the nurses melt as she laughs at her finger wrapped in a foam band-aid to hold the Pulse-OX probe in place. She loves to read books with the nurses and even allows the Resperatory Therapists to get close without much of a fuss. We are still probably looking at a few more days of her in the ICU. SMA causes some issues of dependency on the respirator machine so they are slowly weening her off. Once she is rid of her cough and issues and her lung clears (upper right) we can start looking to bring her home.

She likes her teeth getting brushed mostly because they put water on the little brush/sponge and she likes the cool feeling (reminds me of a baby bird)

Thank you all for your calls and willingness to help out. Everyone has been so great and the food and goodies have been almost more than Dad can handle (yeah right). Your love and prayers are felt.

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