Monday, March 19, 2007

Whitnee's Surgery

Sorry we don't have any pictures this time, but we figured we needed to update the blog nonetheless.

Whitnee has been doing really good since the last time we posted. The ventilator was removed (extubated) on Friday 16th. She came off and exceeded the expectations of the doctors in the first 24hrs. She is now on a Bi-pap machine. The bi-pap provides the same type of assistance the ventilator did just on a "lesser" scale. The bi-pap machine will be another machine to Whitnee's entorauge. We hope at this point it will only be required when she sleeps.

Tomorrow Whitnee will be undergoing surgery. The procedure is called Nissen (named after the doctor that created it). To explain why we are doing this I have to tell you what the biggest things we have to battle.

1. Fatigue
Fatigue plays a big part in her well being. Even as much as eating can cause her major fatigue, which then causes her to not progress physically including her immunity system and limited motor functions.
2. Aspiration
Aspiration can happen at anytime regardless of what she has eaten or is eating.

To battle these two things we are proceeding with the Nissen G-tube. It is a procedure that allows us to offer the nutrients that Whitnee needs, and also helps prevent aspiration.

Click here for more information on the Nissen procedure.
Click here for more information on "G-tube".

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