Saturday, July 14, 2007

Long Time... No Update... Til' Now :)

Well I guess it is time to update our family site. We are all doing really well, with school being out I have a lot of help at home and I love every bit of it. Kortnee and Nic played soccer this spring and sure had a blast doing it. Nic managed to make the final goal for the year again to tie up the game. Boy was he on cloud 9. Kortnee did great too, her coach actually walked up to Nate and said I can't believe how aggressive Kortnee has gotten with the ball. Boy was her dad proud.

They have also spent time up in Idaho with their grandparents and cousins too.
This last visit was for a week and yes mom had a hard time with them being gone that long. But my wonderful Niece came and stayed with me while they were gone to help me out! Thank you Jessica. We love you !!!!!

We thought we would try our first family trip since our episode with Whitnee to the Hogle Zoo! The kids loved every bit of it. I think Whitnee's favorite part was the Monkeys, every time she saw one she would say Bobo Bobo (thank you Diego!) It was really cute. We had to cut our visit short due to the heat. So we plan on going back to finish our sight seeing this fall when it is quite a bit cooler for Whitnee. Well Whitnee had her first cold after our little episode in March, we managed to get through it with out Nate and I having a nervous breakdown. We are so greatful for her cough assist and suction machine. We managed to make it through her 2 week cold and so did she with out having to call the ambulance! Yippee !!!!!

I guess our most exciting adventure this summer so far was our trip to Shrinners Hospital this week for Whitnee's Wheelchair Evaluation. They measured her for her Wheelchair and then put her in a electric wheelchair and let her play with the joy stick. Her facial expression was priceless when she pushed on it the first time and started going in a circle. The look of Wow it moves when you touch this thing. The giggles between the movement was wonderful. A few more trips up there to play with the Wheelchair and I think by the end of August we will be in the process of purchasing her chair.

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