Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Power Chair Update !!!

Well, I promised a picture of Whitnee learning how to drive a power chair. We went up yesterday to Shriner's to try out another joy stick, this one is very sensitive to the touch so it was perfect for her to use. She sat in the chair for 45 minutes just spinning in circles. She loved every minute as you can tell.

We go back up to Shriner's on Thursday the 16th to sit down with Shriner's and IHC Health to write up our order for her power chair. And if every thing goes well with our Insurance ( cross our fingers) and they don't turn us down for anything we should have her power chair around Thanksgiving. Yippee!!!! We can hardly wait for her to be able to move around on her own.

Yesterday when we got there and they were setting up her joystick and trying to get it to work, she begged and begged to sit in the chair. She kept pointing and it and saying chair, chair. She already know that it allows her to be free to do what she wants.

Shriner's is also building and giving her a manual wheelchair to have also, so we are in the works for that chair to. Just a few more trips to Shriner's for some measuring and trying things out and I think we will be good. Thank you Shriner's for all your help!!!!

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Tiffany said...

That will be so awesome to have that chair for Whitnee! She is SO cute... I can't even believe how much she looks like Kortnee! And I loved seeing the pictures of Nic and Kortnee... they're both getting so grown up! I love Kortnee's hair cut!