Monday, September 17, 2007

September updates

Well, last week marked a big day for us, Shriners Hospital donated a manual wheelchair to Whitnee. And it is even Purple! It was a really exciting day for us, even though you see that Whitnee was really tired for the fitting.

It has taken some getting used to, due to Whitnee's partially dislocated hip it dose tend to put pressure on her hip if she has been in it to long, but I have noticed in the last couple of day's that she is doing better sitting in it. I tried to take her out the other day and she took the lap buckle and tried to buckle it back up herself. So we are seeing that she enjoys being in it. And I know it is a lot more comfortable for her to sit in.

I think it has taken me some time to adjust to the chair too. It was bigger then I had expected weighing in at 40lbs, which is not a whole lot but it is very difficult to to lift and load.
Putting it in the Van for the first time was very interesting. I Thought I would not be able to get it in. I was very thankful that we had just purchased the Van and that I was not putting it in the explorer. We now have ramps that help me load and unload but running to the store is not and in and out experience any more. I have to allow plenty of time to load and unload. Kortnee and Nic are a lot of help with it too.

Our next project is building a ramp in the garage for the wheelchair. Right now it is interesting getting it up the steps and into the house. I am glad there are only 3 steps.

We had a chance to go and see Uncle Chris at at Camp Williams for Governors Day a couple of weekends ago and see some really cool Helicopters and Air plains fly over head.
Here is Nic Whitnee and Kortnee sitting in a Helicopter after the ceremony. It was really cool.

As for other news this month. Mom got a Van for her birthday as mentioned before and Since she had so much free time on her hands, ha ha ha. We adopted a Shorkie Puppy this past week. She is 1 years old and really cute. Both Dad and Mom felt that a therapy dog for Whitnee might do her some good this winter being cooped up and all. So we are all adjusting to the new little dog running around. Kortnee and Nic are playing Soccer again and seem to be enjoying it. And Nate just went on a 50 mile 4-wheeling trip. He was in heaven.

Everyone is doing well and keeping very busy. Fall and Winter is a scary time of year for us with Whitnee, with her chance of catching any thing being very high. So we want to thank you for all of your thought and prayers. We are also great full for those of you who have taken the time out of your busy schedules to call us and visit with us. We sure do have some great support out there.

Thank you:)

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