Thursday, October 18, 2007

October 2007

Well, we have had yet another stay at Primary Children's Hospital in the PICU. This was due to a cold that hit her hard and fast. I got concerned with her Oxygen numbers and her heart rate along with her breathing so we called the paramedics who took us up to Primary Children's. Her lower left lung collapsed the night we got there, I think they decided to call it a Bronchial Virus. The good new in all of this was that the did not have to intubate and we were only there 7 days. We have been home a week now and she is doing great.

I have spent my free time making signs and posting them around the house to remind all of us to keep our hands clean. We sure hope that this was not a precursor to the season for us.

On to better news, today is Whitnee's 2nd birthday!!!!! This is a HUGE milestone for her with this disorder even though she is type II. She will get to open her presents tonight along with eat as much ice cream as she can (sorry no cake). We can hardly wait!!!! Thank you to my wonderful neighbor for making her Birthday cake. We can hardly wait to see it!

I took Whitnee shopping for her birthday today, she got some new clothes and a had fun strolling around the store. It was just nice to be out of the house and hospital for that matter.

I will post pictures later when I have some more time.

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