Wednesday, January 30, 2008


What a snow year we have had, since it is so cold out side we try not to take Whitnee outside. So we bring the snow in to her. These are just a few of the pictures taken today of her playing in her bucket of snow. She like's to wear her hat and gloves too just like Kortnee and Nic.

Today I had to convince her that the snow was really cold, but being a 2 year old she had to figure that out on her own. So once she touched the snow she was okay with letting mom put her gloves on. She got her RSV shot today, so the snow was a really good distraction afterwards, and allowed for an extra 20 minutes in her stander. Yes we actually made it an hour today:)

Enjoy the snow!!!!!!


J.A.M (Jill Marie, Angela and Mindi) said...

She is sooo cute, I am glad that she enjoyed the snow!
A hour in her Stander -That is a Big Accomplishment! Good Job!
Love you all,

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad she had fun with the snow!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like I learned how to make a comment!!! Thanks, Heidi.