Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring is in the air

Wow, we had a rain storm come through the other day and you could smell it in the air. I love springtime:) I see my tulips starting to come up in the pile of yucky junk from the winter, and I get excited to be out planting flowers and just sitting on the front porch. Whitnee asks everyday if we can go out side so I am really hoping that it is really going to be in the 50's this weekend like they are saying so we can get Whitnee out and soak up some sunshine.

I asked the Young Women and Relief Society if I could get some volunteers to help with Whitnee's P.T. I guess we had 23 sign up between the two and 6 actually show up for the training. This will be our first week with help and I am actually looking forward to it. Whitnee sure loved the 2 young women who came to the training. She does not really get to interact with anyone other then us, so it was and will be a nice change for her.

Nate got to take the 4-wheeler up the mountain this weekend and managed to get high centered in the snow twice. Thank goodness the neighbor was with him and pulled him out. He said there was so much snow up there he could not believe it. And of course he can't wait till it melts a little more so he has some nice mud to ride through.

As for Kortnee and Nic, they have enjoyed the last couple of days being able to ride bikes, scooters and just be out side. As for me, well, I was able to make it to an enrichment night last week, (hair clips) it was quite fun. I had to come home and buy all the stuff so I could make them at home. Kortnee has loved it to.

Sorry no pictures this time, we really are quite boring which is just fine with us. We don't need any excitement around here that is for sure.

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