Monday, June 30, 2008

Kort's 11th Birthday

It is hard to believe Kortnee is 11 years old!!! I remember being that old and I am having a hard time with the thought of having an 11 year old daughter. Oh well, they have to grow up sometime.
So a few years ago Nate and I decided that every other year they could have birthday parties with friends and the off years would be family parties and such. So this year was an off year. So we asked Kortnee what she wanted to do for her birthday and she decided to have her room done.
So we took her to the store to pick out her colors
Pink, Lime Green and Tangerine Orange!
She wanted one color on each wall and then striped
It was a new challenge and experience but
it turned out way cute!

Here is her pink wall.

The green wall.

And the orange wall.
We were very pleased with how it turned out, even Nate liked it.
Now we have to decorate it. (sigh)


The Poppleton Clan said...
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The Poppleton Clan said...

Love it!! It is so cute, do you want to come and do Maddy's room? Happy Happy Birthday Kortnee we miss you :)

Anonymous said...

Totally CUTE ROOM!!! She is SOO creative to select those colors. Definately an artist in the making!! I am sorry to hear about your hospital stay. Poor little baby! I hope she is feeling and doing better!
If you need anything call me!