Monday, June 30, 2008

Whit's Swimming Class

Kids on the Move (early intervention) offered a swimming class this year that they felt Whitnee would benefit from so today was the first warm day we could go. She loved every minute of it, here she is singing the wheels on the bus with a big ring that she had to use her arms to turn like the steering wheel ( she is also telling me not to help, oh 2 year old's).
Due to head control she wears her life jacket in the water and loves it.

Here is a better shot of the wheels on the bus.

K-she looks really funny here but it was the 15 min pool check which she hated
and felt like the longest 15 min wait ever, considering she screamed the whole time.
She loves being in the water! We are loving the class so far.


The Poppleton Clan said...

She looks so big!! I bet she loved it.

Mike and Bridgett said...

FUN!! I love that she is getting to go swimming. Most kids seem to love water so much so that will be great for her. I LOVE Kortnee's room. How great for a birthday gift. I want to paint my room that bright and cheery. Do you think Mike would like it? Lovin' all the posts you have put up. They are great. Wish I could have been down there for a sugar cookie though.