Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Petting Zoo!!!

We took the kids to Thanksgiving Points Petting Zoo last month, we were planning on meeting Kids on the Move there for the activity that week taking place of swimming lessons for Whitnee. So when we got there they informed me we missed it by 2 days, (story of my life). So we decided to go through any ways. I think it was a lot better to, not so many kids there.

Kortnee riding a horse

Nic riding a horse.
(we actually had Whitnee on one but she could not keep her head up so we pulled her off)

So we started out with the sheep, Whitnee loved it until it spoke to her.
Baa Baa Baa, if Whitnee could have climbed out of her chair and over the back she would have.
this was her respose to the sheep :( it took us a bit to calm her down, the goats next to the sheep were our saving grace only because they had little babies born the day before and they were so cute and tiny Whitnee loved that.
The rest of the visit she kept her distance and told us no a lot. The favorites that night were the pigs (sleeping) the bunnies (sleeping) and the little baby goats.

Here we are looking at the baby goats.
All in all it was an okay visit but one Whitnee would probably be okay never to see again.
(which is not okay so we will be going back.)

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