Sunday, November 29, 2009

Our Christmas Tree

Putting up our Christmas tree this year was so much fun, last year my husband and I hit the clearance sales after Christmas, we managed to purchase a new prelit tree and some decorations and a LOT of ribbon. We pulled the NEW tree out of the box and started putting it together, both my husband and I said our old tree was much easier to put together but it was a whole lot smaller then this new one, and were really excited to have such a nice tree.

My daughter and I then proceeded to decorate the tree, as we finished I kept adding things here and there but it just did not feel done to me, so I thought well maybe it is because I don't have the topper on, so I called my wonderful neighbor to help me in making a bow for the top of my tree, since I had no idea how to make a large bow, this to my surprise was a whole lot easier then expected. I took everything I had and headed over to her house, when I go there she had a cup of hot chocolate waiting for me and some cookies. What a wonderful treat and so what I needed. After our fun little visit, she then proceeded to show me how to make my bow! I then told her how I was decorating my tree, so she offered to come over and take a look at a few things I had mentioned to her.
Well she was great, she took the ribbon on my tree and said "this is how you put ribbon on your tree"! WOW I could not believe the difference it made. I feel like I bought a decorated tree straight from Tia Pan, it is so beautiful!!!

I did spend some money this year on it I think 7 dollars at the dollar store on red and gold balls and some ribbon, bet you can't guess what I bought just looking at my tree. I also bought fabric for my tree skirt. All the decoration I had and have used over the years.

(These pictures do not do it any justice)

I wish I had better pictures to show you how beautiful it turned out.

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Becca said...

What a beautiful tree!! We are in limbo right now so we didn't put up any decorations. It's a good excuse, but kinda sad at the same time. Next year, right? It was so good to see you. You were such a support at the hospital, even though you were going through the same thing. Thank you, Becca-Ellie's mom