Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Whit's Thanksgiving Feast

Today was Whitnee's First Thanksgiving Feast with her preschool class. The amazing teachers go all out for the kids and do a full feast with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, fruit salad and a roll. The kids help make the meal too, they help peal, cut and mash the potatoes along with the fruit salad.

The first thing Whitnee's group did was make her Indian hat, I did not realize I had not taken pictures of her doing this, mostly because I was manning the "zizzors" and we did not want to cut any one or thing.

I think her hat turned out way cute don't you!

The next group she went to was to make necklaces out of colored noodles
they accidentally forgot to send me some so I pulled out the beading blocks
which worked just as good.

Here she is sticking out her tongue (a new thing when I say "smile")
while she is beading.

I finally caught the smile.

The next group the kids got to help make the fruit salad.
So here is Whitnee cutting apples and banana's for the feast.

Since we are not there at the preschool for the feast she
ate the fruit for her snack today.
We are very grateful she has made enough progress with her
swallow that she could eat these.

What a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving, now I know how she can help get
ready for our Thanksgiving feast :)

(we will post pictures of our family feast later.)

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