Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our 4 year old

Today Whitnee woke up asking to get out of bed. Which usually does not happen till her treatment is done, which consists of getting her Nebulized treatment of Albuterol, cough assist and suction, along with drinking her Nutren Jr. So I pulled her out of bed and took her into lay down next to daddy. All you could hear was giggling and mommy I sleepen, giggle giggle.

We then sat her up to see how long we could get her to sit on the bed and to our surprise she made it 3 minutes (I think the bed is way easier then then floor) Way exciting. She then turned to her daddy and said call Nic, and handed him a fake phone, he proceeds to talk with Nic and then hands her the phone and there was more giggling.

We then took her into start her treatment, where we put on Barbie Rapunzel (Barbie her FAVORITE thing to watch), and I handed her her barbie purse full of barbie make up, cell phone, barbie money and anything else she could stuff into it. She then picked up her cell phone and called Nic (at school) and said "Nic a hamburger, okay" and then hung up. It was so funny to watch her asking her BIG bro to bring her a hamburger. LOL

She then pulled out her watch and put it on, then as we were doing cough assist preceeded to say "mom it 3,4. mom it 3,5 mom is it 3,5,6 I thought it was so funny that she was telling me the time. She had Barb here today (her P.T.) at the beginning of the year we made goal with her a few of them being able to sit for 5 min unassisted, to roll 5 times to each side by her self, to be able to lay on her tummy and lift her head and to be able to move around in her pony (walker).

Well to our surprise today Whitnee sat for 4 min 20 seconds on the floor playing and picking up toys. She then rolled with some help to both sides and did some tummy time with OUT crying. :) She then did some moving in her pony pushing backwards. It is so fun to watch her do all of these things. She surprises me almost daily, I honestly did not know if she would ever be able to do these things again or ever. But I believed with all my heart that it was possible, she is such a determined little angel and I am so grateful that she is my daughter, she gives me such strength and helps me to see that ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU JUST APPLY YOUR SELF!!!!!!

(the picture above is from this Christmas, she was given this darling TuTu from a dear friend of ours and thinks it is so pretty. Her big sis wishes she had one too!! :) )

( I will also try to spotlight each one of my kids in the next couple of weeks with all their fun things going on)


A.J. Dub. said...

That is fantastic! It's great to hear about such good forward progress for her.
That tutu is super cute on her. :)

Monica said...

How fun to read about all of her antics. I LOVE this pic, that is some skirt! Just the kind every girl needs.

Becca said...

Yeah for sitting!!! I especially love the phone call to the bro. Anna, I was wondering if the other girl on my blog, Brynlee has the same thing as Whitney. Her last post is taking about getting a Scholarship for the foundation.

Stoddard Family said...

Becca, yes Brynlee does have SMA like Whitnee. I will have to check out that post for a scholarship. Hope you are all doing well.