Wednesday, January 27, 2010

BYU Daily News

I got a phone call about a week ago from the BYU Daily News to do a story on how Whitnee attends Preschool with the BEST preschool ever ACHIEVER PRESCHOOL in Spanish Fork. Apparently they read about it on our blog and found it really interesting. (he did say that he would give me a copy of the story so we will be able to post it here later).

They will be coming to film Whitnee in class tomorrow morning. I am really hoping that we have an AWESOME connection with SKPYE tomorrow. With my luck we won't and will have reschedule. LOL, no we have not had any problems lately.

So yesterday I took her to get her hair cut, which turned out way way cute, it totally fits her personality. THANK YOU PAM!!!!! (Kort got her hair styled way cute too). I will have to post a picture later, trying to get my office cleaned so no one see's how I really function. LOL (no it amazes me how a 7 week stay in the hospital throws everything off, including filing papers and how fast piles of paper can stack up, I am almost caught up.)

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