Thursday, January 28, 2010

Whitnee's Toileting System

Whit got her new toilet chair yesterday, it is made by Rifton and so far has been wonderful, she has really loved sitting in it. She actually went on her second try, I think Mom was more excited then she was, I got some strange looks when I was praising her. Her reward for going was a bowl of ice cream with chocolate fudge topping. YUMMY!!!!!!!

What I did not realize when we ordered this chair was that it is also a shower chair, WOW was I excited to see that, my back won't be able to take much more lifting from the tub. Now to just remodel her bathroom in ripping out the tub and replacing it with a shower.

(If you are interested in more info on this chair go to

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Barb said...

I'm glad you figured out it is a shower chair! It is a really a great system! I am so excited that she already had success on the toilet! Woo Hoo! (It is way more exciting for ALL moms!) I am honored to be mentioned on your blog! I am so excited she is so close to meeting her goals already! We will just have to ramp them up!