Thursday, February 25, 2010


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Here are just a few snap shots of the kids over the last few months.
(Nic's update is coming soon).

swimmingNic and Whit getting ready to go in the hot tub or as
we call it "HOTNESS"
(I think Nic's swim hat is just a little to tight, I love what it does to his eyes. LOL)

B4SMAThis Blanket and Doll were dontated to Whitnee by B4SMA .
She loves them both!

Funny_makeupKort and Michelle, leave them a lone for a while and
this is what happens, Girls and Makeup!

The kids at the Hopekids Movies, I think this one was
(This is the ONLY place we have taken Whitnee in the past 7 months
because all the other kids there are high risk too.)

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Teresa said...

Those are such cute photos! Love the swimcaps:-)

A friend of mine sent me to your blog. She told me about how your daughter uses skype (or some other video messaging service) to do preschool and primary.

My 7 yr old daughter has a bone marrow syndrome and is right now in severe bone marrow failure. She's on red blood cell transfusions and platelet transfusions when she bleeds. Her white blood cells are very low, but you can't transfuse for that. Each time she gets sick, her blood counts plummet we're kind of paranoid right now with them being so low already and aren't taking her into public areas.

That means she can't go to primary right now either. I'm really curious how you have that set up for church. Would you mind explaining that more? I teach them at home for primary, but it would be fun to have it be more like church, if possible.

My email is teresabelle @ gmail . com (minus the spaces).

Thanks so much!