Saturday, February 6, 2010

Our 12 Year Old!!

So a few posts back I mentioned I would highlight the other kids, so I decided to post Kortnee first. She is such an amazing young woman! I truly believe she was sent down to our family for many reasons. One of them being my helper! She is such a strong person, and soooo mature for her age. She is probably one of the most responsible people I know and I am not just saying that because I am her mom. She has stepped up during the hardest times and just taken control of the situation. She decided on her own that she wanted to learn how to care for her sister.

She watched really close as I did treatments and read the direction that walked you through it, she soon mastered caring for her little sister all at the age of 10! She also has a lot of her father in her, she actually enjoys getting in front of people and performing in one way or another. For instance talent shows, piano recitals, etc...

She also has no problem stepping into a situation and standing up for people and defending them, she is quick to single out people when they start to single others out and when out and about shopping with the family, if people stare at her sister, she quickly will approach them and start talking to them, so they will stop staring. (although Whitnee is very fast to start talking to those staring too.)

Kortnee is VERY smart, she is so close to having straight A's, she has been working so hard for this, her goal a CELL PHONE, which is the reward for the grades. We are also enjoying this age, the personality that is forming is so much fun and I love that she feels comfortable talking to us about things going on in her life. I sure hope and pray that continues. We are so very proud of her and are honored to be her parents. What an amazing young woman she is!!!!

Kortnee's last hair cut, I love it!!!

First day of Jr. High 7th grade!!!

Here she is helping me paint my bedroom.
(now you have seen a sneak peak of the color, pictures coming soon)

I think she is such a great helper!!! we had my room done
in 2 days, she steps in and does what needs done.
We Love you Kortnee

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