Friday, March 26, 2010

Whitnee Gets Casts

One of the down falls to Whitnee's awful hospital stay last summer is that
Whitnee has to have surgery on her feet again. UGH!!!
Shriners will be doing the surgery again, but this time her feet have gotten so bad
that they have to cast her a couple of times before surgery to get some stretching
on her feet. Which helps the surgery not take so long and so it won't be as painful of a recovery for Whitnee.

So being the consoling mother I am I did not get any photos of them casting her. It was really painful for her to get them on because they were stretching her feet while the plaster hardened.
So Dad and Mom got to hold her hands and console her!

Here she is afterwords, YEAH for the Chipmunks
that put a smile on her face and took her mind off her poor feet for a few minutes.
As you can see she picked NEON PINK cast and since her feet are so bad the casting had to go up to her thighs, with her knees bent.

It sure has made life interesting around here, bath time is a joke and changing her diaper is not fun either (hoping she will show more interest in potty training soon).
The casts have added probably 5 lbs to her weight, but it really feels like 50 lbs.
It is really awkward carrying her around from chair to chair etc... and my arms have scratches all over them from those blasted casts.
She will go back into Shriners on the 6th of April to have them removed, and more casts put on with yes more stretching. Then surgery on the 16th of April and then 6-8 weeks of recovery.

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A.J. Dub. said...

Anna, get her some leg warmers or adult knee high socks to cover the casts. It will save your arms and she can make many different fashion statements!