Friday, March 26, 2010


A few months ago while getting dinner on the table I looked down at Whitnee and noticed that she was missing her front bottom tooth. As got looking in her mouth I discovered that the other 3 front teeth were loose too. I panicked, not knowing if this was related to her SMA or just a fluke thing. So I rushed her into the Dentist office to see what was going on.

He comely told me that her permanent teeth were coming in.
WHAT SHE IS ONLY 4!!! (she turned 4 in October) He said it was not uncommon and that she is only 1 1/2 years early. (great she got her moms teeth).

He sent us home telling us to watch the other 3 so she does not aspirate on them!
So last night I was checking her teeth making sure the
really loose one was still there and that she did not swallow it. I noticed it was ready to come out, it was now or take the risk of her swallowing this one too.
So both Dad and I tried pulling on it for a bit, and finally a CUTE LITTLE TOOTH came out!

Whitnee showing off her new found whole.
(her cute little lisp is even more adorable now)

The TOOTH FAIRY came and she
got one quarter for each tooth.

(could not forget the one she swallowed)

Her face say's it all!!!!


Tara & Mark said...

Wow, that is awesome. I can't believe she is losing all of her teeth already! Brynlee still doesn't have all of her baby teeth! When did her baby teeth come in?

Stoddard Family said...

Tara she did not get them any earlier then my other kids did, but she did get 8 in at one time though, that was interesting. (she was really good through it all too)